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Thread: Movie Figures: Classics or Realistic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    Scale: I wish these guys were 6" and as articulated as the MOTUC but, with medium sized and big action figures going the way of the dodo. (Everyone's going with the 3 3/4" even the almighty Marvel Legends is on the verge of extinction and being replaced by the Joe-sized Marvel Universe.) I wouldn't mind if the mass-retail "for kids" MOTU Movie toys were in the 3 3/4". If it would mean that we get playsets and vehicles, I'll welcome them. (If they go this way they should throw the "adult collector" a bone and release 6" Movie MOTU figs through mattycollector. com as BONUS figs)
    You're actually quite right about everyone jumping on board the 3 3/4" scale (MUCH smaller in size but unfortunately, the price drop is not by the same percentage, go figure ). I think a 3 3/4" line of MOTU would be great mass market for all the reasons you mention. I was only originally suggesting that they make some key (especially if any are original) figures from any potential film in the familiar 6" MOTUC style (good cross marketing .. luring US in and potentially getting SOME percentage of folks into it, who aren't already). IN ADDITION TO THAT, the 3 3/4" scale could definitely satisfy (as you suggest) the hardcore fans who want dioramas, vehicles, etc.. as well as the mass-marketed kids who might like all that and playsets too!

    So sure, I think they should really .... make both!

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    I always liked my toys bigger as a kid. Even though I loved G.I. Joe, I preferred my figures to be around the size of He-Man if not Thundercats. As I got older and a lack of room became a concern, I starting preferring a smaller sized collection. Although, after seeing the, imho, crappy 3.75 DCU Infinite Heroes line that Mattel put out and the even crappier Hasbro made 3.75 Marvel Universe toys, I'm very leery of toys of that size. I'm also scared the He-Man I'm used to will also get lost in the transition to such a smaller size.



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    Actually as a kid, even though I prefered MotU, I ended up playing more with my Joes because of articulation and scale. With MotU it always seemed as my house wasn't big enough to scatter figures enough and not seem all atop each other. The joes, I could just be sitting on the floor and play with them without having to walk around from the heroes to the viillains hideout or whatever. It was also better for the vehicles and playsets.

    To display of course MotU(C) scale is better, there are more details and the figures stand out more, but they also take loads of rooms space. I only collect and display MotU (some vintage, some 200x and now all MotUC) and TF's Bumblebees, and it already seems my house is running out of room for more furniture to display toys... I just bought a new bookcase to display MotUC

    I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice to have MotUC sized movie figures, but if I was calling the shots at Mattel and had to choose between both option for the movie toys I'd go with 3 3/4". And personaly I'd like to have MotU figures on that scale for a change as well

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    I bought today the Wolverine vs Sabretooth Toys R' Us "exclusive" two pack and that Sabretooth is MASSIVE for a Joe Sized fig. I think he might be 4" and MOTU figs should be that size... IF they were going to go with smaller figs for the movie line... (Sabretooth makes the GI Joes look puny.)
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