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But thinking about it, if the oldschool versions would be brought to the cinema (of course the people who hold these characters dearly, such as collectors and fans alike) would be extremely happy to see their classic character with his/her classic design made it to cinema. But the other public who just want to see a cool movie may be more atracted and prefer these updated versions as they are more flashy (i dont know if it´s the right word) and modern.
I understand that line of thinking, but it seems like a bad decision most of the time. Look at game movies, they always justify their changes "to make it more mainstream," but all it does it alienate the existing fanbase without gaining a new one.

In this case, I feel these are really slick designs I'd love to see in a movie/show/toy, but many of them are far away from anything MotU has done before. If they use these, they have a good chance of alienating a good chunk of the existing fanbase, and I doubt that non-fans are really hoping for a He-Man movie. In that case, they'd have a failure on their hands almost by default, even if the rest of the movie was decent.

At this point, I'm just wondering if the movie is ever coming out after all this time.

Anyway, that's a discussion for another thread.