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Thread: "The Secret of the Sword" is my favorite, most memorable movie of all time!

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    "The Secret of the Sword" is my favorite, most memorable movie of all time!

    I have never been so emotionally moved in my life than when Adora:

    1. Tells her parents that she is leaving them again:

    King Randor: "I don't want you to leave but I understand." (hugging his daughter)

    2. Says goodbye to everyone at Castle Grayskull:

    Sorceress: "Come back to us." (wipes away the tears from her eyes with her finger)
    Adora: "I will." (in her good girl voice)
    Cringer sobbing and Spirit licks him

    3. Tells He-man she won't be returning with him to Eternia. I cried when she flew away from He-man on Swiftwind and they said goodbye to each

    He-man (draws sword): "Goodbye, She-ra Princess of Power!"
    She-ra: (hovering in the sky in front of the full, bright moon): "Goodbye He-man, dear brother."

    She flys away for good and He-man turns away, shedding his first, ever-seen tear.

    Do you think Adora will ever make it back to her family on Eternia?

    I feel like she's going to be stuck fighting the Horde on Etheria forever.

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    I like to imagine that she does eventually destroy horde prime with he-man's help(what can I say happy endings are bestest lol!)
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    I'm a big fan of SOTS. I wouldn't go so far as to call it my favorite movie of all time, but it is pretty much my absolute favorite thing to come out of the Filmation MOTU/POP universe (which is my favorite era of MOTU).

    I think it was because back then most cartoons for kids didn't really "evolve" as they went along. Everything would return to "status quo" at the end of each episode. And aside from SOTS/The Sword of She-Ra (as the tv episode 5-parter version is known), for the most part that was also the case for He-Man and She-Ra. Each series was done in a way that for the most part the episodes could be watched in any order and it wouldn't matter continuity wise. The only exceptions were things like an episode where a new character is introduced, and then a later episode where they show up again. But for the most part, nothing really substantially changed. There typically weren't major story arcs on most shows back then that really shook up the status quo in any significant, permanent way. Thundercats was one of the exceptions when they introduced the new Thundercats, the Lunitacs, and new Thundera later in the series.

    But SOTS (the Sword of She-Ra) was the big exception to this. Yeah, it was an "after thought' and not something planned from the get go of when MOTU was created, but I think for a show aimed at young kids, they did a pretty good job with it overall. The pacing of the movie version is a little off since it was never intended to be a movie, but I still love it none the less. I saw it in the theater as a kid, and it was my first experience that I distinctly remember of a major shake up of this kind of any shows that I watched (even if it mainly effected She-Ra and never had an effect on the MOTU series proper outside of the vague reference in Origin of the Sorceress). It still effected the universe overall. My favorite POP episodes were always the ones with He-Man or some other MOTU character crossing over. I really liked the idea of He-Man and She-Ra fighting side by side. Even though I wasn't specifically aware that production on MOTU cartoons had stopped when they started POP up, in hindsight I feel like we were somewhat robbed by not having new MOTU episodes along side the POP ones to have more crossovers back and forth between the two, and maybe for it to lead into a series that fully crossed both series together into one. But I'm still greatful for this movie existing.

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    I still get chills when I watch the scene in "She-ra Unchained" where the Sorceress calls out to Adora and reveals her true identity and that of her twin brother He-man. My favorite part is when the Sorceress says "For the Honor of Grayskull, Adora" and Adora ponders that statement:

    Adora: "For the honor of grayskull?"

    Adora: (drawing her sword out of the stone, looking at it): "For the honor of grayskull." (starting to realize what it means)

    Magna-beam generator saps all of He-man's power and strength and he falls to the ground.

    Adora: (looks over and sees He-man fall to ground): "My Brother!" (she says in a voice of love, distress, and urgency)

    Adora: (lifts up her sword and says with full understanding): "FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL!" (in a deep, authoritative, sexy voice)

    And then the best transformation sequence EVER!
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    The Secret of the Sword is my favorite Movie also.
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