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Thread: Masters of the Universe Magazine - Winter 1985 to Fall 1988

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    Masters of the Universe Magazine - Winter 1985 to Fall 1988

    First things first, I hope no one minds if I begin sharing scans of some of my favorite magazines as a kid. I own issues #1 and #6 through #16, including doubles of a few. I got the first issue from the tooth fairy, and then my mom subscribed from that issue, and #6 was the next one I got. I made sure not to miss any more after that, and would buy them at the store anyway for the extra posters. I still have everyone I had as a kid, posters intact.

    I plan on scanning all of them, and putting them here on the .org as long as no one protests. I have already scanned the first issue and posted it in a thread here years ago, but I can't find the thread now. I will try to find the original files to repost, either way I'll prolly just rescan it. I just finished issue #6 (Spring 1986 - Buzz-Off in Slime Pit) and will post it here and on the .org wiki.

    Link to MAGAZINE archive -->
    This is a comic book archive file (.cbr) which is actually just a RAR archive of JPGs renamed. Change *.cbr to *.rar and extract. Otherwise use CDisplay or your choice of comic reader.

    This is the link to's online gallery, same images at 1/4 size. Thumbnails are at bottom of the page.

    Links to HIGH RES POSTERS below -->
    This is the cover poster (#12) with Buzz-Off trapped in the Slime Pit. It is over little over 10mb and 4000 pixels wide.

    Here is the second poster (#13) - He-Man on Lazerbolt & Skeletor on Land Shark. This file is also 11mb and 4000 pixels wide. If anyone wants 6000 pix. wide files lemme know...

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