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Thread: Batros?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAMURAI36 View Post
    Mike Bock's version looks cool, but that's not really the look I envision for him. In my mind, Batros's design is very literal, going along the lines of Man-Bat from DC.

    Plus, in my MOTU canon, Batros is one of the last surviving members of Hordak's race (perhaps Hordak killed them all?). He's a Preternian that's been in hibernation all this time. Thus, the bat symbol that he wears isn't a symbol of the Horde, but a symbol of his race, that Hordak simply uses as well.

    In fact, the name "Batros" probably isn't even his real name, but rather the name of his species that he took on, as a tribute to that legacy, being one of the only surviving members.

    The only distant cousins that the Batros (the race) would have, are the Spileans (the bat race from 200X). They are to the Batros, what the Reptons are to the Snake Men.

    Hordak and Batros are aware of each other (especially since Hordak's rertun to Eternia), but basically steer clear of one another.

    At least, that's how it works in my canon.
    I like that angle...
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    Horde in my book.

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    Originally a horde member, but now a loner stranded on Eternia.

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    A Horde member that was kicked out for being tooooooooooo evil.
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    Ex Horde member.

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    To me he was a Horde Member that broke off from them, and either went home, or just wanted his own following. And since he was on MOTU and not POP, I like him even more, and is one of those rare times I actually like a one off Dekker is both a one off character, and from a MOTU canon I don't like.

    A couple ones off I would like to see are Icer & Batros.
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    I like him best as a lone villain, as I generally like the idea of having more independent baddies. Also, as close to Filmation as possible.

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    He was with the Horde in it's initial invasion of Eternia. Being the renowned intelligence officer and brilliant tactician he is, he knew the brash and overconfident Hordak would endure a stunning upset by Grayskull. So Batros stayed far away from the battle, and avoided the banishment to Despondos. He is now stranded on Eternia, and constantly plotting ways to free and take control of Hordak's army. The Vambat must keep a constant hibernation cycle to have sustained for these thousands of years.

    100% Filmation design in MOTUC, please. A stack of books plus 2 loose books would be great accessories.

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    He definitely is a cool looking character, but at this point in the line unless something radically changes (Filmation only sub, stellar 2014 sub sell in) I just can't see him as a must have character. If he showed up, I'd gladly take him, but I'm not going to put him on any lists.
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    Sure, but make him in a two-pack with his pickpocket partner, Robbos! Maybe release a Batrosmobile?

    Also, their arch foe Jokos the Deadly Jester could be two-packed with his sassy girlfriend Holla Queen!

    (This would all go great as companion pieces to He-Ro - admit it, you'd buy 'em...)

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