I was so happy with this that I decided to give it it's own thread

Invincible vs. Awesome-Lad by ~shubcthulhu on deviantART

Invincible (of Image Comics) vs my own superhero creation Awesome-Lad.

Now I don't actually think the two of them would fight as they are both heroes, but then due to misunderstandings heroes vs heroes tends to happen quite a lot so...

As for who would win?

I assume most of you know of Invincible and what he can do (if not he is a quick google search away). Awesome-Lad on the other hand has ALL the powers of Superman, so really it comes down to if you think Invincible can defeat Superman or not?

Still I have to side with my guy because one of his abilities is a Wolverine-esque healing factor. Even if someone was strong enough to say snap his neck (as Invincible may just be) he can simply snap it back into place and carry on fighting.

Can Invincible say the same?