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    Nicholighkuns art

    Here's the link to the list of my flipnote channels. Each channel is a grouping of my work based on related content.

    EDIT: 11-23-09

    Here are some links to some of my favorite animators on flipnote.

    GBH This guy is simply amazing -

    Japanese animator who does all nintendo stuff -

    Japanese animator who does karate based notes, as well as stick figure battles, and he also has an original character of this chick who kind of looks like zero suit Samus, only with these red gauntlets, and an ear piece -

    MdM is a european animator who does lots of weird music centered animations -

    Da-kun is an American animator who mostly does humerous parodies. He is very funny, and very creative. Here's his profile - - and here's one of his RE centered notes that I really love -

    These are some of my works. Some are originals, a few are not, but I'm not comfortable putting up certain things, like original characters. Sorry for the rancid quality, I'll try and actually get some scanned soon. These and others can be found in the picture folder of my profile.

    Original Samus and Guyver III, highlights added with the DSI.

    Original Guyver I

    Chrystal Chronicles, not original.
    This is my Samus scratchboard, original.
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