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Thread: MOTUC Bios Scans

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    MOTUC Bios Scans


    I was wondering if anyone has taken scans of their MOTUC cardbacks/bios or know where to find scans. My house was flooded and all my MIB MOTUC were hit. I salvaged the figures themselves after extensive cleaning, but unfortunately the cardbacks were reduced to mush and unsalvageable. I'd love to be able to get scans of the bios. I searched this site and found a text-only list of some of them, but it doesn't have the pics and hasn't been updated for about a year.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Click on "Toys and Collecting" to the right of the "Forum" button at the top of this page. Click on "Toys" and then on the link for "Masters of the Universe Classics." You should see a list of the different figures with links to images of the figures. Some figures will have an "Explore Packaging" link that will let you click on a scan of the back of the packaging. Some of the older figures will have static pictures of the card-backs and some will not. They're not high-resolution and not all of the card-backs are accessible, but most of them are and you can at least read the bios and look at the packaging art.

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    An easy way: go on Google images and search "bio [character name] motuc" (just write each character name one by one)

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    Pixel Dan has made a video of every MOTUC figure and the bio of a figure is shown in their respective episode. Just let the print screen button sing.
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