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Thread: Insurance value for your MOTU(C) collection

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    Insurance value for your MOTU(C) collection

    I was thinking the other day how I've acquired a fairly extensive MOTU collection since I last had any dealings with my household insurance. Have any org members listed their collections as part of their home and contents insurance? If so, how did you value it? If your collection was somehow removed from you (fire/flood/theft), it would cost a LOT more to replace everything considering the rarity of some items now. This is certainly the case for MOTUC but the same goes for the vintage line. I got lucky on a couple of bulk lots so got many rarer figures quite cheap. I shudder to think what they'd cost separately on the secondary market. Has anyone gone through the process of estimating their collection's collective worth?

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    yes, I did that - also for my really massive Videogame collection (2.000 games). It was fairly easy (but I am located in europe, so - not sure how things work elsewhere).
    They just needed a list and some pics from the stuff and were Kind enough not to raise the monthly amount I have to pay. (because the sum I would get when our Apartment/house would be completely destroyed is really high...)
    with my insurance it works that way, that theoretically I just buy the lost things and they pay the bills... I guess/hope it really would work - as for now, I was lucky enough to never had to do so, because I never had any fires, floods, etc.

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    Thanks for my day job, this is something I know a bit about.

    You should be able to schedule your collection for coverage on your homeowners or renters policy, subject to a deductible and the regular list of covered loss types. If the value of certain/all figures is high enough, they may ask you to schedule them individually instead of doing it as one big group. The line for that depends on your carrier and the policy. It's definitely worth a call to your agent/any licensed rep at the insurance carrier's call center.

    I'm glad you're looking into this! It's a great idea for collectors items like this.

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