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Thread: The Pre-Filmation Era in MOTUC Thread

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    The Pre-Filmation Era in MOTUC Thread

    Welcome to the Pre-Filmation Era!

    He-Man slaying monsters with his trusty axe? It's here.
    Tri-Klops kicking ass and taking names as a bounty hunter? Right here!
    Teela as a hot blonde who fights like a fury? It's here.
    The Goddess (or Green Goddess)? She's here as well.
    Prince Adam as a womanizer? We have it!
    Skeletor going commando? It's in da house!
    Alfredo Alcala/Mike Texiera art? We got it!

    This is the thread to talk and discuss about getting the figures or variants in MOTUC which are representative of Masters of the Universe before the more kid friendly and lighter Filmation revamp in mid-1983. Masters of the Universe originally showcased He-Man as a heroic barbarian from the jungle in a post-apocaylptic fantasy world. While this was the original version of He-Man, the majority of the fans was introduced to He-Man through the Filmation canon.

    Hopefully, we will continue to get these repaints OR redos in MOTUC as bonus figures or some kind of extra.

    Epic Heroes!

    Dastardly Villains!

    Fearsome Monsters!

    Sister Threads:
    The Blonde Teela Thread
    The Barbarian He-Man Thread
    Mini-Comic Stratos Thread
    The Goddess bio revealed

    Pre-Filmation Era Web Sites:
    Cloudy Climbs and Bridal Path Coloring book Stories

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