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Of all the threads I have had the pleasure of reading on this board, this is by far my favorite. The minicomics were my first introduction to the He-Man universe (well, along with the toys they came with, of course!). In my mind, THIS was what Masters of the Universe was all about. Barbarian He-Man (w/ no Prince Adam alter-ego), the Goddess, Man-at-Arms w/ NO mustache, two halves of the Power Sword...I can go on and on. This era was filled with so much mysticism and mystery and wonder. And it was all neutered by the Filmation cartoon. While I loved the cartoon as a child, I cringe when I watch it today (except for the music--that was the best part of the cartoon). But I can still, at age 35, pick up an original minicomic and find myself transported back to that world.

I truly hope that the Green Goddess is just the beginning of Mattel recognizing the greatness of this early era.
Yeah, Green Goddess, He-Man using super suits and Teela being cloned from the Sorceress are wonderful nods to this great era!