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Thread: Webstor's Loincloth Pliability

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    Webstor's Loincloth Pliability

    Webstor just arrived, and he's just about perfect. The original figure was one of my favorites growing up, and this is a great nod to that toy.

    The colors are deep, the paint job is good (aside from a few small flaws--nothing worth sending him back for), and overall, I would have to say that I'm very pleased. I do love the spider legs on the backpack, but there is a large melt/glue spot on the ball of one of them. I don't even mind the non-working zip-line. The pulley broke quickly on the original '80s figure, so wrapping the string his backpack is fine by me.

    This is kind of exciting though. If you've opened him, take a look at his loincloth.

    Comparing the loincloth to other figures, it's the same mold, of course, but it's a completely different plastic. He-Man's loincloth was slightly softer than the rest of him, but it was still a rigid plastic. I'm assuming that that's what people were complaining about in regards to having him in sitting poses.

    They've gotten slightly more pliable throughout the line, but even Tri-Klops' loincloth was pretty rigid.

    Webstor's is the first that I've noticed that is very pliable. It's that rubbery plastic, similar to what was used on Webstor's gun and Man-at-Arms' mace. It's definitely a step in the right direction, although the belt was placed over the hips slightly askew. A little too much of his right leg was exposed. I was able to easily re-center it by holding onto the belt and turning him at the waist underneath.

    It's good to see that Mattell is finally taking notice of our critiques. I like the flexibility.
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    I just got mine out of the box and noticed the same thing and got on to find your thread. lol Its great. I love the new plastic they are using for it... he can totally SIT now!

    I feel like he was a little... dusty... or something... dunno what thats about.
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