Check out how is selling their SDCC Exclusives!

I'm assuming on Monday, after you get past the RSOD, you'll have the opportunity to adjust numbers for each item, and add them to your cart with one click, without having to visit numerous individual product pages and dealing with RSOD all over again each time.

For fans like me who intend on buying other Matty product besides MOTUC, this is something I would very much like to see implemented EACH MONTH.

For example, in October, it would be great to have ONE page that displayed:

RAY STANTZ (Ghostbusters Classics)
BRUCE WAYNE (Dark Knight MM)

And imagine being able to bring up a page in February to be able to add 2 Trap-Jaws, 1 Battle Cat, and 5 Battle Stand packs, without having to bounce around multiple times?

And so on!

This would be a simple, yet effective way to smooth out the ordering process for fans buying more than just a single MOTUC figure.