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Thread: King Grayskull re-release discussion

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    The new accessory is a pack-in Spirit of Grayskull figure, right?!?!

    Anyway, will the re-release have a removeable head, and removeable cape and armor?
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    That's okay with me. My SDCC Grayskull is on display in the castle doorway-- still wearing the World Heavyweight Championship belt I put on him the day I got him, now that I think of it-- and I pretty much have to keep him there. He has a few issues that make me want to leave him alone, and I ike to be able to pick up my figures and re-pose and mess around with 'em sometimes. I'm planning to pick up one of the reissues for that reason.

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    I'd guess the new accessory will be He-Ro's Gravestone.

    Quote Originally Posted by bcrduke View Post
    Anyway, will the re-release have a removeable head, and removeable cape and armor?
    Yeah I remember Toyguru saying that at one point.

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    I was hoping that the original would start selling for about $500 dollars so that it would be totally "worth" spending that kind of money on. Dreams...

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    The new accessory will be a the case to put the power sword into!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    We've always stated that King Grayskull would be a redeco only (and the new deco is not that different, just minor changes). The only "new" part is one new accessory. It is really about getting him out there for fans that missed out on the original release without too many changes.
    Thanks for clearing that up Scott!
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    So have we gotten official confirmation about the boots? Are they going to be the original bigger ones or the ones seen at SDCC?
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