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Thread: MOTUC Cosmic Enforcer discussion

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    Zanthor with chairs as 2014 sub exclusive, please!
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    I'd be happy with the CG thrown painted silver and put on that hover platform.

    For added value they could throw in some extra CE accessories. Strobo's gun, pink helmet head, gray or slvr armor w/red trim, blue/staff, gray or slvr blaster, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by facet View Post
    Zanthor is definitly a candidate for a new Cosmic enforcer to make. The only other one i can think of as an option the alien design of Zodac, but since concept characters are going to have a tough time getting made. I always saw Scrollos as the Leader of the Cosmic enforcers, anyone else feel this way.
    Zanthor and Prince Adam as well need to learn that in order to be a supreme bada** like Zodac and He-man you need a bada** tan. Just don't overdue it with the Hulk Hogan orange like Strongarm did.
    One purple turd deserves another.

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    Its easy to start your very own small army of Enforcers.
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    So going to be my next custom figure I make!!!

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    any new Cosmic enforcers should go into a Son Of He-Man line, I feel.

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