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Thread: MOTUC Strongarm

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    Quote Originally Posted by passiondesigns View Post
    Clap Clap! Another Great custom.

    I would imagine You had to modify heavly a little to get the Abomination arm to fit zodaks shoulder?

    does the wt# of the arm effect the way he stands?
    Yeah, this part was interesting. Basically what I did was stuff the Abomination arm socket full of epoxy, then smashed the Zodak shoulder into it. I worked & rotated it while it cured, that way it still kept articulation. after that, sculpted up to the Zodac shoulder ball for a clean appearance. needless to say, it was a pain in the ass.
    The weight doesnt affect his stance too much, though it is pretty heavy. Luckily this figure has tight joints so he holds poses.

    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Keldor View Post
    thats cool! is that an abomination arm?

    Yes sir.

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    I have just started looking at all of the customs in this forum and I have to say that you are amazing. I have become a fan of your work!
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    You are truely a master!!

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    I love it.. great choice in arm..

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    Incredible job!!! Congratulations!! The man is simply fantastic!

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    I saw this Custom on ebay go for over $200 to some lucky collector. Wish I had the patience and skill to pull off a custom like this.
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