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Thread: MOTU showdown: Man-At-Arms vs. Webstor

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    MOTUC showdown: Man-At-Arms vs. Webstor

    I haven't received my Webstor yet, and don't expect to for another couple of weeks, but even so it seemed like a good time to start another "who would win" battle scenario. Our last battle, Man-At-Arms vs. Tri-Klops got some good suggestions...

    This time:

    (sorry to use MAA again, but we're still a little limited on Heroic MOTUC characters released)

    Let's take a brief look at the stats.:

    MAN-AT-ARMS - skilled weapons expert and inventor; comes armed with mace and sword
    WEBSTOR - Half-man, half spider, master of escape, a great tactician

    We'll use their MOTUC 'versions' (ie. bios, etc,), and for sake of argument they are only armed with any weapons the MOTUC figure comes with - hence no "xxx pulls out a giant cannon or makes a bomb!"
    PLEASE NOTE: to make this (and future battles) more of a challenge, I have decided that the characters cannot use guns; so no laser for MAA and no rifle for Webstor. This is a down-and-dirty, by-any-means-available battle.

    And please remember, this is a battle scenario, not voting for your favourite character.

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    MAA wins most of the time.

    Duncan has a gun for ranged combat and he could shoot Webstor's grapple line or hook while his armor takes the brunt from Webs' rifle. Webs isn't as armored as MAA.

    As for melee? Webstor can't use that gun close up. MAA is not only armored, but is armed with mace and short sword. Webs could use the grapple to entangle MAA, but MAA has a short sword to cut himself free. The only way it could work if Webs is lucky to entangle his arms to his body, effectively wrapping him up and leaving him helpless or if Webs wraps the line around his neck and strangles him.

    The only way Webs could beat MAA is if he sniped him from the shadows. But in a straight up scrap? MAA wins most of the time.

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    No contest. WEBSTOR. Bloody murder!

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    The one featuring MAA and Triklops was a drow, but this looks pretty one sided so far.
    Yet, against the grain, i'd go for Webstor, provided he can take MAA by surprise.

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    If there's no guns, then MAA definitely beats him.

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    if they can't use guns....

    Webstor... i'd say he'd have to win out. He's a gigantic intelligent spider, for crying out loud. He's got 4 extra limbs which to smack MAA with. i assume, being an Arachna, he also has some venom in those fangs to incapacitate his victims with. The character's original name was going to be 'Black Widow', so i'd think Webstor would be very venomous if he bit somebody.

    Sure MAA has more armor (well, maybe not...motuc MAA wears spandex, not the 200x armor suit). Webstor would be much more agile & physically stronger than a human would be. MAA armor would weigh him down, making it harder for him to move quickly. Webstor has very little armor & can move much quicker & climb much better than any human could.

    Real spiders can lift things many times heavier & larger than themselves, like a man lifting a bus with a cable & carrying it a long distance while climbing. I'd assume those abilities would be passed on to Webstor's race, since they're spider people.

    Seriously, most of the 'heroes' wouldn't stand a chance against alot of the villans if only the villans were portrayed according to what type of 'animal' they are.

    Webstor would eat MAA for breakfast, if MAA couldn't use his guns or weapons. MAA would try to use his dagger to stab Webstor, but being an Arachna, & having an exoskeleton, would make it difficult for MAA to pierce Webstor's body. Webstor would make for a much more efficient killer than MAA could. That's what spiders do, it's in their nature.

    And being a 'good guy' MAA would most likely play by the rules; while Webstor, being evil, would cheat & try to use his gun anyway to get an advantage. Bad guys never play by the rules, everyone knows that.

    Either way, Webstor would win. I've never seen MAA portrayed as being a very efficient hand to hand fighter, that I can recall. He's all about weapons & technology, more than physical fighting. So if he tangled with the likes of Webstor without bringing an arsenal of guns & cannons, he'd be a dead man.
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    For me wins MAA with his superior intelligence!

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    I would go with MAA. He is the masters of weapons isn't he???

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    Man-at-Arms would wipe the floor with Webstor, especially with their ranged weapons taken out of the equation.

    It's all well and good to speculate about possible "spidery-powers" for Webstor, but the most we've ever seen from him is webbing (in 200x), wall-crawling, and (perhaps) enhanced agility. Exoskeletons and venomous bites don't really come into the picture.

    The MotUC bio mentions none of those, so now he's down to extra limbs (of undetermined strength) and a grappling hook. All Man-at-Arms needs to do is land one good hit with his mace/club or his sword, and Webstor is squashed like the bug (not insect, bug) he is.

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    I would say MAA!!!
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    The good guy always wins in MOTU
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    I like Webstor, but he is no match for the heroic master of weapons, so I say Man-At-Arms wins!

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    Webstor is cunning & incredibly strong. But Man-At-Arms has a multitude of weapons to get himself out of any jam.
    but unless Man-At-Arms has help or Webstor fleas from battle Webstor will probably win.

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    Heroes always win.

    But then again, 1st tier Heroes always win against 2nd tier villains.

    But then again, battle hardened warriors should win against spies in physical fair battle.

    any way I slice it, Duncan cleans the room.

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    Duncan wins every time, even if surprised. I'm sorry, but Man-at Arms is basically the Eternian Captain America, and has to think about three steps ahead of every conceivable match-up. His armor gives him too many edges for Webstor to be able to win the fight; sure, he may get a cheap shot or two in by surprise, but Duncan's armor will allow him to stay in the fight until he can put Webstor down- perhaps permanently.

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    When it comes to gunfighting both men will use firearms. Man-at-Arms with his pistol and Webstor his rifle. Why? Because it would be unfair if Man-at-Arms uses his mace to fight Webstor because Webstor doesn't have any melee weapon.
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