That is the question!

I've been vocal about not being a fan of flocking. But I recognize many are, and that's cool.

In my opinion, flocking works on Moss Man, he's mossy, flocking looks mossy.
But for Panthor, the sculpt is already a nice fur texture, and thus doesn't need a redundant coat of flock on top of it. But that's me. What do you want?

Toyguru asked at SDCC who wants Panthor flocked? I was there, and one of the few that voted for no flocking, but I wasn't alone.

So here's the poll, cast your vote!
I expect flocking to be popular because I'm convinced nostalgia is a drug to the brain as powerful as substances that aren't necessarily legal in most countries.

But for Panthor, do we really need it?

I don't mind sayin', my vote was the thrid option, let Matty release two versions of him! More money to be made, and everyone is happy.