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Thread: Nagus the Wizard, a quickie Kitbash

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    Nagus the Wizard, a quickie Kitbash

    It's Nagus the Wizard ...

    He just returned from the annual Eternian "Spell And Powerful Potion Yardsale" (otherwise known as SAPPY).

    "Curse those snakemen!", he mutters angrily to himself, "They said that the batteries were included with this magic staff And it needs alkaline D cells too!"

    (MOTUC body, Remco Deimos head, Merman armor, DC Direct Mcguinness Manhunter cape, Sigma Six wand).

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    Clever use of parts. I never thought of using a Remco head for a MOTUC figure. You may want to trim his neck on the head and add in something to still hold his head on.

    Also are the the one who paints those million dollar paintings on eBay?

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