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Thread: Gleam of a knife - Mekaneck's origin

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    Gleam of a knife - Mekaneck's origin

    A some info of my first comic:

    Mekaneck had a nightmare about his past. He wants to end the bad dreams, so he goes to Greyskull, to ask the Sorceress for help. But the only way is to watch the painful childhood.

    It will contain a new explanation for how Mek has got his bionic neck.
    The other masters, or Skeletor forces won't appear in this comic, but it will contain a very interesting, but unused solo villain, from the old series... you can guess. But if you've seen the complete filmation series (or just one certain episode), after a few pages, you will know who am I talking about

    Preview page 1:
    Preview page 2:

    Page 1:coming soon.

    Until the school starts, I'll draw 3 pages a week, after I want 1 page per week, but I don't know if I'll have enough time.

    Hope, you will like it, and my art style won't be too ugly.

    *UPDATE* 2009.08.19
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    Interesting, can't wait to see more. But a teaser that ends with a blade dripping with blood will always get my attention!
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