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Thread: Gleedal & her tiger

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    Gleedal & her tiger

    We already got Plundor, so we really should get Gleedal. I think she would be awesome and her tiger would require minimal tooling.

    I even made a vintage custom of her.

    Show your support for the sexy bird lady!!

    PoP Figures have to be based on the Vintage toys! This is NOT Filmation's Masters Of The Universe Classics MySpace Custom Blog

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    They'd make a cool exclusive.
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    Good idea, they could be easy customs but what i like is she has a signature weapon, since we have the cats, the tiger would be easy. Only thing is, shes not from Eternia, and i know we have Plundor who is not from Eternia either , but i am a stickler for things like that, thats why i never wanted Plundor.

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    I'd totally get this

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    I want both in Motuc!!

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