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Thread: Finding a way to save on new parts!

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    Finding a way to save on new parts!

    so, I put on the old cartoons the other day, and pulled out the figures and castles for my 5 and 2 year old daughters. they love playing with them.

    I started looking at the figures, and i realized something. For a toyline that gets pegged as "alot of repaints or reused parts".. i call bull shoot!.

    besides the first few waves, where it was just 1. different color 2. different head. 3 different armor and weapons.

    there are SOOOO many more diverse sculpts than there are the same. new hip joints, and several different legs.

    stuff only used once, like Man E Faces right arm (now mostlikely given to Kronis) or Rattlors legs, Syklone.... the list honestly goes on and on... i wish i had internet at home i could look at them all.

    my question is, do you think the 4Horsemen are going to use that to their advantage, and slightly re-design several of those things to be used more often. ex: Rattlors legs, and Tounge Lashers legs are only used once, or even Two Bads... do you think they would try and sculpt something that could be used more than once, that was only used once in the original line?

    are they going to slightly modify Syklones legs to use more than once?

    what do you guys think? do you have any "One time used parts" that you feel could be slightly changed and then able to use again, or maybe on character in a different line? (NA or POP?)

    this was brought to my attention when I was trying to figure out what new toys could be coming out this year. We might see a new HIP part with Man E Faces. all he needs is hip and body/head.

    What do you think?!?!

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    Well, what I see is that there are characters that could be made immediately. For instance : Prince Adam (80's version), Stinkor, Keldor, Ninjor, Evil-Lyn, Mecaneck, Panthor, Screech.

    Some other characters could be made quite easily, since they require few new parts to be produced, or since some parts to produce them are already existant. For instance : Fisto, Jitsu, Man-E-Faces, Roboto, She-Ra, Spikor.

    By the time they decide to produce a character with the "insect legs" or "claws instead of hands", we'll be able to see Buzz-Off, Clawful, Whiplash, since some parts are reused for them.

    Producing characters with unique parts (like, say, Ram-Man, Rio Blast, Sy-Klone, Modulok, Tung Lashor, King Hiss or Tung Lashor) is not really a problem for Mattel, not even a financial one.

    It was not a problem in the 80's, and it is not a problem now, as long as they know for sure that the demand of the customers/fans follows. Now, here with MOTUC, they already know without the shadow of a doubt that the figures sell like hot cakes, and that the demand is strong. So I don't see any excuse for them not to release more "unique" characters, especially because the MOTUC figures are not produced in such huge amount as the original 80's figures.

    Of course, knowing Mattel, I guess they will first release the figures with reusable parts. And if these figures sell well and the demand is still strong, we'll probably see more of the unique characters released as figures.

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