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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    14. Now that Hordak is officially released, fans would like to know more about he origin of the name Hec-Tor Kur? Was it Hordak's original name that was dug up like Demo-Man, Sultress, and X-Man, or was he named after a Mattel employee who had a resemblance to Hordak or something like that?
    A lot of MOTU figures and places have names based on Greek and Latin. Hector means “to bully” in Greek. Also, if the character took the name “Hordak” as a war name, it made sense that he would have a bit of a simple sounding real name and hence the need to upgrade to “Hordak” to strike fear into his enemies. Hec-Tor fit well for all these reasons. Obviously he wasn’t born “Hordak” just as Mer-Man wasn’t born with that name.
    And unofficially, his name was influenced after Captain Barbosa from POTC. It just seemed great to have such a cool character with such a simple sounding real name!

    Is there any Greek fellow orger? 'Cause I think this answer is "sanata" (which means "this is what my mind made up at this moment and I hope nobody else notices" in Argentinian).

    As far as I've learned, Hector (or Ektor) resembles the meaning of "the protector", "the one that defends", "the owner" or "the one sculpted"; basically references a person with good nature that has been made up by himself on his life enduring experiences.

    By the way, quite dissapointing answers indeed.
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