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Thread: Is there a limit on how long Adam/Adora can stay as He-Man/She-Ra?

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    Is there a limit on how long Adam/Adora can stay as He-Man/She-Ra?

    Forgive me if this has been asked both, however while I've been interested in MOTU/POP since back in the 80's, I'm new to this forum.

    I've always wondered why, once they got they're old enough and have the power, why don't Adam and Adora simply stay as He-Man and She-Ra the whole time?

    Which got to me to reasoning that the one possible explanation would be if there was a time limit to how long they could stay as She-Ra/He-Man once they had transformed?

    Do they simply revert to Adora/Adam after a set amount of time?

    I know in the cartoons, the twins are keeping secret identities, however neither actually hides their faces like Zorro or Batman, or even disguises their everyday appearance like how Diana/Wonder Woman and Clark Kent add glasses to look different to their non-masked heroic identities.

    Do their swords act a bit like Green Lantern power rings and need re-charging every so often?

    Without some restriction like that, I don't see why Adam/Adora don't just charge and stay as He-Man/She-Ra, and just anyone who for whatever reason can't tell it's them, who they are.

    The old 80's cartoon fallback of everyone else just being too dumb or short sighted to see that they are one in the same, was okay for the 80's, well if we're honest even back then it kind of felt a little silly.
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    The way I see it is that the power within grayskull is sentient and it allows he-man or she-ra borrow part of it's power for it's own protection. So I don't think there's a time limit but the pog would "know" when it's not needed per se at which point Adam or Adora would revert to their original selves.

    As for the swords, I think they should be viewed at as keys or conduits which channel the power. There's no real power in the sword. That's also why m@a was able to construct a techno version and the need for another sword on Denibria.
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    Well in the new mythos in the future He-man will become King He-man and will finally defeat his uncle Skeletor and marry Teela making her Queen Teela. So I guess he will become one because Adam is the one in line to the throne.

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    Wasn't there an episode of the old cartoon where He-Man lost his sword and was like "oh no, now I can never turn back to Adam again"?

    And in the 200x show there's no time limit far as I know but there were a couple of times He-Man got so badly hurt he reverted back to Adam.

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