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Thread: Retightened legs VS little loose - what is better

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    Retightened legs VS little loose - what is better

    Hello again,

    As I am restarting my MOTU vintage collection, I need to know from ppl that have experience with retightened legs on figures. What is better original little loose legs or retightened firm legs? And how do the fixed legs feel like in contrast to original legs?

    Thanks in advance

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    If legs are too loose the figs just wont stand. If they are replaced using the hook and rubber method they need to be just the right amount of tightness. Too tight and the fig wont stand. Too loose and youre back in the same boat. Im not a purist so will use the hook/rubber ring method if the original bands are too loose. Ive done many now so ive worked out the knack of what the right amount of 'give' should be... just takes a bit of trial and error. Totally fixed or glued on legs just dont work in my experience. Hope that is helpful or what you were asking...

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