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Thread: Giftsets : Do Canadian 3-packs exist ?

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    Do Canadian heroic warriors and evil warriors 3-packs giftsets exist ?

    Everybody know there are 6 US 3-packs :

    1st edition :

    2nd edition :
    Man at arms/BA he-man/Man e faces
    Merman/BA skeletor/Webstor

    3rd edition :
    Moss man/Buzz off/Mekanek

    Only one is known in Canadian : Beastman/Skeletor/Faker

    I would want to know if someone has ever seen another one in Canadian recently on during his childhood.
    If you have any pictures please post them or send me them :

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    There is this one:

    and this one:
    MY Collection: (some of it)

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    Canadian 3-packs hunter bObA_fEtt_Ox's Avatar
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    Thank you Derrick, but I should have specified not the Canadian collector 3-packs.
    I know 4 different, but only one is legit :
    - Ba he-man/Ba skeletor/orko
    Also : - Hordak/roboto/syklone
    - Kobra kahn with leech weapon/ Ba skeletor/spikor
    - Ba skeletor/webstor/stinkor

    I just wanted to know if the 6 US 3-packs exist in Canadian. Apparently Teela/he-man/ramman should exist cause Beastman/skeletor/faker exist.
    But not sure for the 2 other editions and need a picture of them if someone has one !
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    Canadian 3-packs hunter bObA_fEtt_Ox's Avatar
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    Here are the 2 other Canadian giftsets seen in collection or on Ebay.
    But they are "collector 3-pack" and are different with the skeletor/faker/beastman known on Grayskullmuseum.

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    On the thread we can see the 4 known collector 3-packs :

    -BA skeletor/orko/BA he-man
    -BA skeletor/stinkor/webstor
    -BA skeletor/kobra kahn/spikor

    and 1 Canadian 3-pack like one of the 6 the US 3-packs :


    But the 5 another US 3-packs are not known in Canadian. For sure Teela/he-man/ramman exist but not sure for the 2nd and 3rd editions.

    Looking for a picture of the following Canadian giftsets :

    -Buzz off/Mekanek/Moss man
    -Battle armor He-man/Man e faces/Man at arms
    -Battle armor Skeletor/Webstor/Merman
    -a better picture of Skeletor/Faker/Beastman

    Nobody has any picture of a Canadian 3-pack ?
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    >>>>> Heroic warriors 3-pack <<<<<
    >>>>> Evil Warriors 3-pack <<<<<
    >>>>> Evil horde 3-pack <<<<<

    $$$$$ $$$$$

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    Once upon a time I owned the 3rd edition : Moss man/Buzz off/Mekanek pack. My Mom had picked up from school that day for lunch, and told me she was going to let me skip the afternoon off school, which was sweet. She took me to Zellers, and bought me the 3-pack because it was a good deal (cheaper than buying 3 individual figures.)

    I opened it as a kid years ago, never knowing how much these would go for today. Man, I wish I had a time machine some days...
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