Oh man, I can feel the backlash already, and see the first reply: "NONE!"

But seriously, let's just say you HAD TO CHOOSE a few characters from the MOTU-verse to originate from Earth... Who would they be? Why would you choose them?

Feel free to get creative and add you own mini-bio for them like the ones found on the new MOTUC cardbacks, including their Name, Real Name, Title, and brief Bio/Background.

I will go ahead and just mention a first few off the top of my head (although I have thought about this idea before.)

First I say...

Queen Marlena: Queen of Eternia! / Chief United Earth Astronaut!

Real Name: Marlena Glenn (..of course)

Bio: [ ...I think we know the gist of it already... ]

Rio Blast: Heroic Transforming Gunslinger! / Heroic Cyborg Gunslinger! ...from Earth!

Real Name: James Lubic

Former Title: Detective Lubic

Bio: A former detective from 20th century Earth, James Lubic found himself in the instrumental role of returning his then newly acquainted extraterrestrial heroic friends, back to their home planet, Eternia. Unbeknownst to him, that also meant his ultimately permanent departure from his own home planet, Earth. Lubic did eventually find peace and his place on Eternia, fighting alongside He-Man and other new heroic friends, against the evil forces of Skeletor! During one such battle against Skeletor and his menacing evil warriors, Lubic gets struck a nearly fatal blast by the three-eyed villain Tri-Klops. Fortunately, Duncan is able to save his life, repairing his mutilated body with some cybernetic organic parts, furthermore, Duncan gave Lubic the option to upgrade his powers with state-of-the-art built-in cyber-organic weaponry, which he agreed to, along with an accompanying look based on the style of his greatest childhood fascination – the "old west" – and accordingly settles on his new battle name: RIO BLAST!

Next up?

I'm gonna have to think on these two for awhile, but I think they're definitely two good candidates to originate from Earth!