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Thread: MOTUC Bio Mystery:If ScareGlow is from 1 of 5 dimensions, who are from the other 4?

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    MOTUC Bio Mystery:If ScareGlow is from 1 of 5 dimensions, who are from the other 4?

    (Bio is used as reference point)
    Evil Ghost Serving Skeletor®

    Cursed for all eternity, Scareglow™ is one of the evil henchmen of Skeletor®. Able to strike fear in the hearts of even the most worthy opponents.

    •Scythe of Doom
    •Cursed Grayskull reliquary

    Scareglow™ Bio
    Real Name: Karak Nul™

    In life, Nul was a shifty bounty hunter who spent years attempting to break into Castle Grayskull®, obsessed with the countless legends that it contained the power to be Master of the Universe. In death, he was cursed and banished into the dimension of Infinita, forever chained to his past crimes. He was brought back to Eternia® by a magical spell of light cast by Skeletor® to locate the most evil warriors in the five dimensions. Provided with a Scythe of Doom, Nul agreed to join forces with Skeletor® and quickly became known as Scareglow™, thanks to his ability to burst forth and freeze his enemies with fright.

    I made this post for pure speculation. There are five dimensions Skeletor pulled bad guys from, but who are they? Now five Dimension does not guarantee that he got five evil warriors from these places, he may have even accidently brought in some heroes to join the Masters or Rebellion.

    Now we know the Horde, Snakemen, and Megator are not likely canidates but here are my guess for at least the other four:

    Most likely:
    Ninjor(showed up in the original mini with ScareGlow)
    Blast Attak(even though in the mini he worked with the Snakemen he was
    always counted with the Evil Warriors)
    Saurod(sorry haters of the movie, But he did show in a mini this way)
    Blade(sorry haters of the movie, But he did show in a mini this way)

    Least Likely:
    Spikor(in his mini he was just there no origin)
    Jitsu(he showed up in a lot of minis as background, never spoke and never
    got an origin comic)

    These are only my guess and may help us figure out who comes out later this year. As for me this new mystery is going to drive me nuts til we get these guys bios.

    As for you of the forums who are your guesses for villians? Please Post.
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