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Thread: MOTUC Bio Mystery:If ScareGlow is from 1 of 5 dimensions, who are from the other 4?

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    Wow, the mythos is getting deeper and more complex. I dig it. I'm wondering what the other 4 dimensions are as well. Let's see, being sister planets, Etheria and Eternia should exist in the same dimension and are dimensions of, to a certain extent, light and peace, whereas Despondos and Infinita are places of torment and doom. This explains why the evil villains are so obsessed with the conquest of Eternia, not to find peace but to gain absolute power and escape from their hellish prisons. This is pure speculation of course. Then again, does Eternia count as one of dimensions that Skeletor was searching? That leave us with:

    Despondos-The Horde, Demo-Man
    Timeless dimension of Trolla-Orko?

    Then we have the mini comics in which, Tri Klops was a demon hunter and swordsman from a separate dimension and Trap Jaw was a criminal from another dimension as well. Not sure if these origins matter seeing as we have new bios to reference. Interesting. What do you guys think?
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