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    I have always been a huge Ram Man fan. I have had to defend him from other neighborhood kids calling him cheap, hollow, and fat. They never saw vintage Ram Man the way I did.

    I loved the 200X updated version, but this, this gleaming light of awesomeness shining so brilliantly over the entire MOTUC display at SDCC looks like it will probably take my "best MOTUC figure" trophy away from Mer-Man after all this time. I don't think he is too big, or out of scale for the classics; in fact I think he looks perfect!

    Other than Granamyr and some of the NA characters, Ram Man is my crem de la crem of MOTU. Everything else is gravy!

    PS - Jimnarious, that is one well-played-with Ram Man! I am happy that you have kept him with you all this time. Kudos!! (A couple of mine are in similarly loved shape )
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    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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