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Thread: MOTUC Extendar Thread

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    Extendar is looking great based on those pics, thanks tokyonever for posting them.

    Never had Extendar as a kid but I'm really looking forward to getting him in Classics. Great job by the 4H and nicely executed by design on this one. If only such care and craftsmanship went on other figures as well being released this quarter. Very happy with Extendar though!
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    Extendar looks good. Glad to see they were able to slim him down a bit compared to his vintage counterpart. All I know is that lance is definitely going to Buzz-off so I can recreate his Filmation look. index.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lich Leech View Post
    The belt is a problem, along with the forearms, but unlike other recent reveals, I don't think his figure has been ruined
    When THIS is the good news, it sure shows how poor things are going doesn't it?

    The forearms are worse than the belt to me. If they had to make them longer to get the extensions to work I understand, but the gold bracers and the upper forearms are BOTH thinner AND longer than the prototype. The reason it looks so bad on this figure, is that he is supposed to be wearing ARMOR over his body, so that would make his real forearms VERY thin compared to anyone else who has this build. It looks worse when not extended, but the proportions are not as noticeable when he is extended. But aesthetically, I think them being thin and long looks anatomically incorrect and unpleasing when in his un-extended state.

    Other than that he looks pretty decent. Could have been worse 'eh?

    I almost forgot to mention, the Lance SO looks like it is also supposed to extend/retract. Why else would it have that dark crown separation point? Another lost opportunity. Maybe a third party could make that happen.
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