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I don't understand the point of this thread.. Sorry but Mattel said on many occassions that there won't be any action features in this line - I'm just happy that Tri Klops has a rotating visior!
You all have to understand Mattel's premises for this line - this is the line for adult collector = an adult who likes figures, has nostalgia about this particular line and all he needs to pose the figure on the shelf and not for a kid who will spent his days chasing after some figure rolling up and down the livingroom floor. That's why it is profitable enough for them to make these toys for us but don't expect anything else. They are already giving us much more than we could wish fir with so many articulation points so we can pose them in so many ways we could only dream if when we were kids but that's as far as they will go.
Guys let's face it, we're all adults here so let me be blant - when we were kids we used to do 2 things with our 'He-Mans': play with them and then pose it on the shelf. Well guess what - Mattel is feeding our inner childs and gives as an refreshed toyline with so many articulation points we can have hours of fun posing our figures on the shelf but sorry to point it out we're not children anymore and Mattel knows it so they won't invest $ into some one-offs like a a wheel just to give you a chance to spin it once or twice in your hand or maybe on your desk and then put it on the shelf.. You wil buy it anyway if you liked this character regardless of this feature present or not so why should they waste money on something like this?? Just for the sake of saying 'there, here you go'? They wouldn't last that long wasting their money like that and we wouldn't get our beloved refreshed line as well. So let's be realistic here and stop making threads like that - it's pointless. They didn't even bothered to add a spring to the waste and you really think a brand new mold for a one off with a wheel is even close to beeing possible??

Mattel's only priority and their main selling points are - brand new sculpt that's in proportion as opposed to the original line, high level of detail and as much articulation as possible to make this line as fresh and interesting to adult fans. They know what is important and thanks to this we're getting Battlecat with so many articulation points it just bring a smile on my face each time I think of it but please let's all have some common sense and stop dreaming about things that will never happend in this line!

For the last time this line is not for mainstream consumer but for a very limited market so to keep it profitable they had to make some groind rules an the 'no action features' is the biggest one of them all - that's why Meckaneck will have a second neck to snap on and that's why when the time comes Extendar won't extend as well! If BA He-Man can have 3 exchangable plates imitating the original action feature so the rest will have imitating elements as well. Seriously they didn't pot a spring in the waist and you think they will put a wheel in a belly, c'mon!!
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