I would like to get Dragstor with a spinning wheel. Not because I need it so much, but rather because I think molding it as part of his armor wouldn't look very good. You whether have it hindering the waist articulation, or positioned too far away from the boy, IMO. Instead, I could live without the waist articulation for once and take the spinning wheel as compensation for that.

Come on Mattel, give us Dragstor sooner than later! He's not that hard to do after all! Hordak's gloves, removable armor above the standard upper body part, heck I'd even take Trap Jaw's upper legs repainted to save costs if necessary! Just don't forget the ripcord-whip!

Oh, and make sure he can ride on Night Stalker!

(And maybe add a completely blue Grayskull sword repaint. Okay, now I'm silent. )