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Thread: MOTUC Dragstor Speculation/Discussion

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    what about dragstor?

    Dragstor was one of my favorite all time figures growing up. I recently found all my old vintage stuff and my 3 boys all loved him. They even wonder what he would look like in the classics style. since there are now action features with the classics I would hope they would still put a functional wheel in some how.

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    Hopefully if will be sooner than later, but being one of the last horde members, Bets are on 2015 for him. I am hoping sooner.

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    I really want Dragstor for this year. I don't care if he's the 35.00 holiday item, I'd pay that much as long as they give him an actual wheel. It's like Man-E-Faces having his action feature intact, it's absolutely essential to the character.
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    Dragstor is definitely one of my most anticipated remaining figures. I truly hope they don't cheap out on him and actually put a moving wheel in his midsection. I'm completely fine sacrificing ab articulation for this. I would be very disappointed if they just made armor take the place of the actual wheel.
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    I Like the idea of Dragstor coming with the ripcord whip, Also although he came with a gray crossbow, exactly like Mantenna's, the original line had a maroon crossbow which for the life on me I cant remember where it came from, but should be his replacement for his crossbow.

    or a different colored crossbow.

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