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lol thanks.... it's true though. Businesses can make like 5 billion in a year, like Wal-Mart, or Home Depot etc. and then a month goes by where they do less profit than expected and its TIME TO CUT HOURS! .... punishing the workers for something they have nothing to do with. Meanwhile your whole life is sold to this company for just barely enough to scrape by on .... it's disgusting and wrong.

There is a CEO in Japan that owns an airline, that sold his house, and lives in an appt., and gave himself a pay cut, a drastic one, because he wanted all of his workers to have comfy lives. He didnt think it was fair to live so well while those who made him the money struggle. He takes the bus to work .... and to me it was like HELL YA, that dude is amazing. That is one decent human being right there.

another one was a 70 year old Japanese man saying that they should send him and other seniors in to clean up the radiation from the nuclear plants that failed, because the effects of the radiation give you cancer and kill you in 30+ years ... and hes like "I dont have that long anyways" .... like OMG Japan ... you guys rock.

Then you type Japanese Anime into google and its like WHAT .... THE ... CRAP ... IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS. lol
That's it, I'm moving to Japan...

I work in retail and have been with the same company for almost 11 years. I've always worked full time hours (32-40 per week) even though I have part-time status. Because of this "recession" that hit a few years back, I'm now only scheduled for 10-15 hours per week. Thankfully my husband has a decent job, or we'd be homeless.

On another note (the whole reason I replied to this thread to begin with) I spoke to a postal worker today and got an update regarding the strike. Apparently negotiations are still in the works, and it doesn't look like the post office will be shut down just yet. Mail is still arriving but it may be a few days late. Just in case anyone here may have been concerned