I ordered Egon and He-Ro from mattey collector over a month ago and i still haven't received them. I also purchased tri-clops and he isn't here either ... and we are coming upon the 15th again when webstor is available and i don't even have my aug. figures yet.

And to top it off, there is no way to track them, that I can see anyways, because if i use the "findmyorder.com" thing they tell you in the confirmation e-mail you get, it wants your order # ... so i type it in, it then goes OH YA! Here it is! and it shows you a copy of the e-mail I JUST USED to get the information the website wanted .... it's a crazy logic loop.

Am i the only one in this position? Am i freaking out early? .... should i just have patience?

im not one to freak out .. but i cant track my package, i dont have my figures yet when i normally do by now, and i've dropped a decent amount of money on them ... anyone else worried?

sorry if this has already been posted somewhere ....