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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadaClassics View Post
    2 figures would be $23.16 for shipping and then $7 UPS (level 1 broerage fee) + duty and taxes (if they apply them)

    BUT in February, Trap Jaw / Battle Cat and ?? reissue) would be over UPS brokerage fee level 1 ($7.00) and would be level 2 ($19.45) and then add duty and taxes to the 23.16 shipping!!!

    I can't afford to give UPS (nor do I want to since they are terrible to deal with) $42.61 shipping before Duty and taxes!
    So you are saying Battle Cat + TWO figures puts it over brokerage fee level 1?
    Does it go by weight, or # of items, or...?
    Just curious. I've never had to pay anything other than GST.
    I don't want Battle Cat lost in the mail for two months, so I want to use UPS. But if I ordered two figures, but something like the Display stands would put it over the top, and we have to pay a lot more, then I'd wait to order the stands another time.
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