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Awesome! How far did you go? I really like the area around Deer Lake to Rocky Harbour.

I used to live in Ottawa, so I've only had one order to Newfoundland. That took about four weeks. Sir Laser Lot shipped about five weeks ago now, and still no sign of him showing up.

My BBTS order only took about two weeks. My amiami order was only about one week! Somehow toys from Japan show up much, much quicker than toys from the U.S.
I went to St. John's. To keep this on topic, I left a week after Matty had shipped me a Grizzlor replacement. I drove to NL, slowly, was gone for two weeks, and when I got back I still didn't have Grizzlor. An orger shipped me another figure right when I got back, and I got it the next week. Still no Grizzlor from Matty! Finally got it the week after that. So...is Sweden worse at 3-4 weeks, or was DR shipping it from the US worse when it sometimes took longer? I don't know, but both options suck. What I do know is it shouldn't take any longer than two weeks, tops.