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Thread: Collector's Choice Hawke Discussion Thread w/ Pixel Dan review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Judas View Post
    It'd be a great add-on accessory but with the long hair, on both heads, perhaps it wasn't feasible to include one that would fit on her. If they release a 200x Hawke, who had shorter hair, a jet pack would definitely fit and not hinder any sculpting or articulation.

    I would've preferred her to be packaged out as Delora as well, even though I'm a loose collector.
    That way Hawke (200x version) could then be made in the line as well as a separate character.

    Perhaps they used Hawke because Mattel already had the name trademarked but not Delora's and just transitioned that to Super 7.

    I hope they do answer your question and perhaps make that change, if it won't delay her release.
    I'm working on a custom jetpack for her right now. It's not that tricky with the Delora head because the hair is narrower. If they'd have designed her with one it would have been easy to tailor the sculpt of the hair to work with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felgekarp View Post
    Has anyone else reported problems with the hair coming away from the heads?
    That was an issue on both heads with mine. Easy fix with super glue but there was a big gap between the hair and the helmet.

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    Hawke is the only figure I opened from my set, and I'm pretty disappointed with the overall quality of the figure. The shoulder joint is extremely loose, you flip the figure upside down, and the should will rotate in that direction. The mid torso waist was a bit loose too, plus some of the paint slop which I was expecting. The quality of the plastic seems to be a bit better than the Powercon figs. Im also scared to pop up head to expose the neck a little bit.

    Still undecided if i wanna preorder wave 2...but Im leaning on just dropping the line. Its a little hard to drop the money on figures with spotty QC.

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    Does anyone with the figure know if Hawke's helmet and bottom face are separate pieces, or is it one sculpted piece?

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    My Hawke & Delora look great with mini-comic Stratos.

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