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Thread: A happy story

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    A happy story

    So many tales of Snout Spout's trunk or Exploding Goddess Legs or Cracked Roboto. I thought I'd share a happy tale.

    Battle Ram is mounted nicely on one of my shelves with Man-At-Arms and Teela. It's not high, but it's high enough that I wouldn't want to drop anything from that height.

    A few days ago I bumped that shelf hard and I could hear Battle Ram rolling off the shelf followed by a very large crashing sound. "Oh no. Looks like I'll have to scrape up another $100."

    But lo and behold BR was fine. not even a scratch. It fell a good four feet and not a dent. Well done Battle Ram. Well done.

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    Glad to hear a positive story about MOTUC construction and durability for a change
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    Good news!
    Not to sound like a creepy cheerleader for Uki, but it's nice to know there is at least one person on this forum who is extremely positive & friendly all the time. I don't think I could be that nice even if you paid me. If we ever give out awards for "forum member of the month", Uki gets my vote. -Mr. Shokoti

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    I myself had the Goddess (who I am always incredibly delicate with) fall backwards from the top of my dresser. I had her at the back specifically to keep her safe - I just didn't think of the space between the dresser and the wall. Of course, someone at the front topples back and the domino effect sends the Goddess tumbling. I'm just far enough away to panic and be useless.

    I hear her hit the wall, the back of the dresser, the wall, the back of the dresser, etc., and finally the floor (this is a tall (over 5ft) dresser).

    I thought she had met her fate.

    Not a scratch.

    I still don't even see the tell-tale crack in the thighs that has been found common. Miracles happen my friends.

    BTW whbinder, did you expect a specific break to happen in the Battle Ram? I don't own one, so I'm curious if there is a prime candidate for breakage if it falls?
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