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Thread: He-Man & MOTU - Filmation Evil-lyn Thread !

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    He-Man & MOTU - Filmation Evil-lyn Thread !

    Since we haven't seen here yet there should be a discussion on her in regards to what we would expect to get with her. The classic Filmation colors of purple blue and black, Cape for sure, and here wand as well. Now couple of things that i think would tie well into her are \a Robotic version of Screech- her bird the way he was portrayed in the Filmation Cartoon. If they wanted to they could even make the Screech version of Evillyn turning into Screech (resue that buck for Syrax) and the other ting that I think is classic Evillyn from the filmation cartoon is when she would turn herself into a fireball, that would be a cool accessory to include and double as a magic blast as well. Now from art, she was orignal supposed to sport a skull motif on her head dress but it was removed in the 11th hour, should they reinstate that? Those are my thought on what should be included with her, what say you?
    robot Screeech.jpg
    robotic screech.JPG
    evil lyn as screech.JPG

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    Would definitely welcome a Filmation accurate Screeech accessory. Of course, I also want a vintage scale Screeech in the Classics line - a beast that could swoop down and clutch and carry off by the shoulders a hapless heroic warrior.

    A magic ball of energy would also be welcome. It will be interesting to see how they do her cape and whether she will get the two head treatment.
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    Evil Lyn... Absolutely AMAZING 80's villainess!

    I would LOVE to see a complete filmation style colours one.

    my sensory memory, even though as a kid, it left me baffled to see her so different, as an adult, i favoured the yellow classics lyn. just wish she'd have gotten a spell hand and magic blast.

    i can't wait to see this Lyn... what i am dreaming of next... is a Movie version EVIL Lyn in full MEG FOSTER get up!.

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    I'm really pleased we're getting a Filmation Evil-Lyn. I'm really interested in seeing her face sculpt.
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    I want her to have an open spellcasting hand!

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