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Thread: He-Man & MOTU - Filmation Skeletor Thread !

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    He-Man & MOTU - Filmation Skeletor Thread !

    This Will Be The Unified Thread For All Filmation Skeletor Based Discussions !

    I Think 4HM Has Slobber Knocked This Guy ! He & Beast Man are probably the BEST reveals in this new line !!

    My only nit pick his havoc staff, which is more longer compared to cartoon. can 4HM fix this issue ??
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    While this new toon-line is not for me, I have to admit that this is the best reveal for HM&MOTU. I wouldn't mind someone giving this as a gift and I do hope to track down that nifty sword.
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    I am pretty excited about this guy. Have we seen him in profile yet, though?

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    That head, that face/skull! So much character and expression! The treatment and quality of these faces are a HUGE draw for me, I hope they keep this up, can't WAIT to get a look at Evil-Lyn's mug!

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    I think this figure looks amazing. There have been many customizers out there who have produced a Filmation Skeletor head, and while many have been very good, I feel like none of them have captured the likeness the way the 4 Horsemen have.
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    If I get one figure out of the filmation sub, it will be skeletor.
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    And some people were saying a while back that a Filmation Skeletor face would basically be a Classics face because how can a Skull emote... And i said then, the cartoon face emulated emotion just fine. And we are proof is cartoon accurate and plenty different from Classics.
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