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Thread: Star Wars: Rogue One Discussion Thread

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    Star Wars: Rogue One Discussion Thread

    Cast and crew announced:

    Maybe not to the same degree as Episode VII, but I'm looking forward to this flick.

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    I hope they will put more color into the movie. The cast photo looks so gray/brown and generic to me it could be Killjoys or Dark Matter the movie. Otherwise I love who they've cast and the suggested plot points I've heard sound fun.
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    The cast they've assembled is phenomenal. Hoping for some non-human characters. You know, this is Star Wars. In terms of the story, it’s pretty much the opening crawl of A New Hope. It apparently takes place a week or mere days before the original. Basically, it’s a prequel to ANH. Word is Vader may make an appearance.

    I like the new subtitle. Before it was Anthology. Now it’s "A Star Wars Story". I think all the "spin-offs" are going with that subtitle. It makes it clear to the audience that they're standalone, independent SW films, and it also gives them a fairy tale quality:

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    As a HUGE SW fan, I am pumped for all this new material!!!

    Mod Note, just to get ahead of the problem before it ever becomes one, let's make sure that Spoiler Tags are always in use here, as needed. I need to make the same note in the TFA thread as well.

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