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Thread: 2015 should be sub-only

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    2015 should be sub-only

    2015 Should be subscription ONLY. What do you think?
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    I totally agree.
    Only some few selected itens should be out of sub, like if they plan some army builder or any he-man/skelletor variants.

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    Yeah, probably.


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    Ultimately what's to be gained by this? I assume you had an overriding point in suggesting this to begin with? Not trying to be snarky. I just want to know if I should be on board with your theory.
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    I disagree although I do think it's likely to happen. Lack of choice is never a good thing.
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    Yeah, i agree.
    I dont like it either but it will probably happen.
    It would reduce risk.
    That being will increase costs to accomodate the decline of the line.

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    Strongly disagree.

    Day of sales should be significant for a lot of characters, specially ones with alternate display heads\armour.

    Besides, i think there are a lot more "cherry pickers" then subscribers

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    I'll worry about it in a year.
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    I think it's literally an entire year away, and that for now we should celebrate 2014 going through.
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    Whatever allows MOTUC to go on and me to buy more of it. There's still A LOT of awesome figures to be had imo.
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    Disagree, I do have a sub and I still buy stuff day of. This choice must remain!

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    I dont like imposing things on fellow fans. I have to disagree. I am a die hard MOTU Zombie who always has at minimum 2 Subs. But to Impose that policy on pickers is just wrong
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    I think we should go sub only. This would help kick the sub numbers up a few points that we will DESPERATELY NEED if we loose another 20% next year across the board.....
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    I subbed this year but frankly I have like 2-3 figures left to "complete" my collection and even those are not "absolutely" necessary to have. Two-Bad was one, and Modulok was another. I don't know if I will have the same motivation like this year to sub again.
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    Vaild points but Im not sure about that.

    I wasn`t affected by the annoucement that Two Bad is sub only and I didn`t sub. Cherry pickers will have a more completed collection next year with Two Bad and Modulok plus 1 Snakeman. Many could feel that their factions are complete and the only one missing could be the last Snakeman in 2015.

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    I don't think making it sub only will give us any more subbers than we already have this year. If people are willing to pay 3 to 4 times the amount for a figure on the secondary market before it even comes out (Two Bad, Modulok), then making the sub subscription only isn't going to add many people at all. This is coming from someone that has been subbing for years now.

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    I'm indifferent. If the sub goes through I couldn't care less

    Going sub only may make the figures bring in a high return on the secondary market.

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    Disagree. If subscriptions are the only model that Mattel can go by for sales, then the line is a failure. Nobody should be coerced into buying other things they don't want in order to get things that they do want. I can't think of any toyline where I wanted to get every figure made. People need the option to choose. If Mattel can't get enough sales for this line, it's not because of cherry pickers, it's because Mattel still can't figure out supply and demand for characters.

    Subscriptions were created after fan demand because of Mattel's incompetency of ordering, causing quick sell-outs, and many customers left without a chance to purchase. People were scared that the figure of the month would sell out quick, and demanded a sub for people that wanted it all and didn't have to worry about not being able to buy a figure.

    Mattel has taken this tactic and has really changed what the subscription was all about in the first place. For them, the subscription isn't about customers that want has now changed to for customers wanting certain figures,"This is your only option to get figure x".

    As a subscriber, I would still buy extras on sale days, to get a collection for my son when he gets older. I would buy extras of the unique characters but pass on the variants like Hurricane Hordak. I found variants a waste of money and did not warrant a second sub for me to pay for them. When Mattel made no DOS's for Fang Man and Clamp Champ, that ended my chance at a second collection for my son, and I have now quit buying extras on sale days all together.

    But I still believe that their should still be that option to buy on sale days for people who do want those characters, and for subscribers who want to buy an extra.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    Whatever allows MOTUC to go on and me to buy more of it. There's still A LOT of awesome figures to be had imo.
    Ultimately, I'm of this mind. Whatever gets us MOTUC to live on!

    For people who don't want all the figures, I do feel bad for them if sub only was it. But ultimately, the scarcity may bring in more subbers. Better to have a line than no line at all.

    Only Mattel knows (or has the info to know) the answer, as they have all the data on day of sales. I'd imagine day of sales is an extra cash cow, and avenue to bring in new buyers and retain cherry pickers of certain figures.

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    I don't think Matty would do that as it might mean less sales, less traffic for their site etc. I think they'll go about it like they are now with a couple of figures that aren't DoS. This is just thinking from Matty's PoV. Of course I could be wrong.

    What I do believe though is that 2015 should employ a different approach re: sub sales. If they're going to look at completing the vintage figures etc. by the end of 2015, then SDCC in 2014 should be the biggest yet and just reveal as much as possible if not all figures remaining.
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    I like DOS because not only it generates some product to people who can't afford a sub, it also allows subscribers that can't afford more than one sub to get multiples of one figure if they desire. I don't include myself in any of those cases.

    However, if we are going to have these "no DOS" on selected figure just for the sake of scare tactics I'd rather have every figure exclusive to the sub.

    So I'm in favor of DOS for every figure that's not a sub exclusive, but if Mattel is planning to pull demanded figures to scare people into subscribing, then just make the line sub only and stop the shenanigans.

    I'd not be affected in any way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerofGS View Post
    I subbed this year but frankly I have like 2-3 figures left to "complete" my collection and even those are not "absolutely" necessary to have. Two-Bad was one, and Modulok was another. I don't know if I will have the same motivation like this year to sub again.
    I absolutely agree. Now Glimmer, Two-Bad, Scorpia and Modulok are on their way, there just won't be enough characters I find essential for me to buy blind again by subbing in 2015. For the odd few I might want it will be easier to cherry pick. That said I doubt there will be that many that are essential to my collection in 2015 anyway.

    So based on my own thoughts, making 2015 sub only might be a wiser move to get the resellers to buy more subs and get the fence sitters on board. Personally I don't mind paying $30-$40 for the 2-3 figures I might need in 2015.
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    If it would help make the 2015 a sure thing, I'm all for it. Wouldn't matter to me because I'll sub up no matter what.

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    No. For one thing, you're not convincing anyone to subscribe that hasn't already for 2014, they will just go to BBTS or elsewhere for them. And for another thing, making random figures non DOS is enough as it is, sub only is just stupid.
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    I wouldn't **** off any other potential subscribers by making it SUB only. Keep it as is.

    I DO think the fans should mobilize a little earlier next year, so that 2015 can be a definite 100% to finish this whole thing off.
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