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Thread: Plundor Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bri-Man View Post
    oooooooohh, yeah! let's give him claws and fangs and make him MOAR EXXTREEEMMMME!!!11

    sorry, no...there are a few characters that benefited from their 200X translation, but that style typically results in over-designed, overly busy schlock, and those redesigns of Plundor are no exception.

    those look like what you would get if you got a bunch of insecure, inappropriately aggressive teenage males the opportunity to sit on a panel and redesign Plundor after each of them had chugged a couple of Monster energy drinks. the wise concept of "Less is More" is completely thrown out the window.

    frankly, i think "Mad Menace" applies to the way that the 4H have interpreted Plundor. Menace and monstrosity are based on actions, not appearance.
    ^Well said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserker79 View Post
    I hope the axe is not made of gummy plastic. It looks bended on the pics...
    Sadly I think it is. Best we can hope for is that it's not TOO gummy, but I'm pretty sure that was a finished item at SDCC. I'm assuming it's gummy because it's sharing a mold with the gun, which is always made of gummy plastic as well.
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