"Gatchgrey and Royal-T present: the Bug-Shido Staction Character Contest"

To my delight, fellow fan, Royal-T has agreed to make my dream come true
and create a mini-statue of ONE of my Bug-Shido Characters. But with over
55 characters to choose from, we thought we would hold a little character
contest and let all of you help decide which character that will be.

The contest information, rules, and polls will be posted soon. We want to
invite all of you to join in the voting, and post ideas, and even designs.
Because, just like Royal-Tís own contests, when all is said a done, the
winning character will be sculpted, cast, and made available to everyone
who wants one.

Stay tuned for more info and get ready for an Royal Battle of Insect
Proportions. I hope you all have fun with this as much as I plan to.