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  • The masked original toy skin

    88 53.99%
  • The maskless mini-comic skin

    62 38.04%
  • The 200X cartoon skin

    53 32.52%
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Thread: King Hiss--which of his 3 skins do you want?

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    King Hiss--which of his 3 skins do you want?

    This poll basically gauges interest and is multiple choice. (Yeah we know the original version is sure to win, but this is to gauge the other versions in comparison.)

    King Hiss, like Roboto, is a character with the same multiple versions. Whereas Roboto could download himself into possibly three different bodies, Hiss could wear different skins for different effects...

    Original Figure King Hiss

    This was used to fool people into thinking that he was heroic.

    Mini-comic King Hiss

    Same purpose as the original figure, but this one is unmasked, with a craggy looking face and burly body. Designed by Bruce Timm of JLU fame.

    200X King Hiss

    This skin isn't hiding at all--I guess you don't need to when you rule Eternia and everyone has been transformed into a Snake Man.

    Using ALL of these options, it's a way to refresh King Hiss up to three times. Of course the snakes underneath would stay the same.
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