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Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


This past round of questions were selected by Mr. Shokoti.
The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

1. Fneh: Has the success of the art book done anything to change Mattel's plans on releasing more MOTU material in print? Perhaps the collection of classic mini-comics or even new mini-comics to be included with the figures?

2. midor: Will King Grayskull's bronze statue variant be re-released? Perhaps as a bonus figure the same month King Grayskull is reissued?

3. King Tycho: Is there any possibility of releasing a cardboard Snake Mountain, similar to the box that King Grayskull came in, perhaps as a mail-away, a club exclusive or even with a Skeletor re-release or another villain?

4. The.Idea.of.Evil: Many fans hoped for Teela to be more curvacious than she ended up, even after adjustments were made. Considering this, plus all the different females that are in the POP line, will the 4H be creating multiple body sculpts for the female figures that have more (and sometimes less) curves to them? Or will there be only one standard body type just with differences in feet and heads?

5. Toymaker: With the release of the Green Goddess, will we be seeing other comic characters in this line, from both the original mini-comics and the MVC comic series?

6. King Kahn: While specific characters cannot be named for each month, can we get a month by month run down on if they are good/evil/neutral?
For example:
June - good character
July - bad character
August - bad character
September - neutral/other

7. Analog Jote: In He-Ro's bio, there is a mention of "The Overlords of the Timeless Dimension on Trolla", while in Zodac's bio he is recruited by "The Overlords on Trolla." Are there two different groups called The Overlords, or are they one and the same? And if they are the same, how does the Timeless Dimension play into the story?

8. Snake Hunter: In regards to the falcon included with Teela, there is some debate if this is Zoar as the falcon form of the Sorceress or Zoar as a Winged Fighter like in the original toy. What is the official MOTUC bio of this character? And will it ever come with the armor and the perch like the original Zoar toy, maybe even in the green concept color rather than the red color that was produced?

9. grenadaspice: In a recent interview that you did with Fwoosh, you stated that it was requested that the Four Horsemen include at least a 2nd accessory or a 2nd head sculpt with all the figures. If that is the case, why do we have some figures that only come with one accessory? For example: Zodac (laser gun), Zodak (power staff), Beast Man (whip), or even Stratos who doesn't come with any accessories at all?

10. Jay Bell: If a Cringer figure is ever made, will he likely be a retool of Battle Cat or an entirely new sculpt?


So ask those questions!