I don't mean to speak badly of the questions asked (because there were good questions, even if some of the answers were of the typical vague, ambiguous type), but what was up with the last question about getting the different series and the '87 movie in HD?.. and what was up with the answer they gave? Aside from the 200X cartoon, Mattel doesn't hold the rights to any of the 'toons or the movie, and they wouldn't be in charge of any new releases in HD or otherwise (and they weren't in charge of the existing DVD releases). This is pretty common knowledge at this point, which is what makes the question odd (if Mattel was in charge of those things, then it would have made more sense). And the answer is weird, too, because it's like they gave a robotic, stand 'no plans' response, when I would think they would have pointed out the fact that they don't hold the rights to these things. I don't mean any disrespect with this, but the question and response are both odd given what is known about these things.