Well, I had a bunch of stuff for sale, but none of you guys bit. I can only come to one conclusion: You guys stink at buying anything not MotU related! Come on, prove me wrong, prove you guys like other good toylines too!

There's also a LOT of new stuff up for sale. A lot of it is Transformers, but there's some gems tossed in extra (cough cough, DCUC Metallo).

If you want to see the pics, they're from page 7 on in my gallery. Or, if you want to see each individual pic, the new stuff starts at this link:


As always, info on the things can be found here:


Including cheaper prices on several things!

As always, please do us both a favor and check the wiki. Stuff in italics are already gone, and it won't do at all for you to try to buy/trade for them. Because I no longer have them.

Don't want to buy? I'm looking for stuff off my want list, which can be found here:


I'm particularly looking for Motion Revives, MSiAs, Figuarts and Machine Robo toys (esp. Rescue and Mugenbine lines).

My feedback, which is mostly up to date, can be found here:


Thanks for looking. Let's work out a deal!