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Thread: 4H Mythic Legions KS figures same 6" scale as MOTUC! Skeletor and Randor gain help.

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    4H Mythic Legions KS figures same 6" scale as MOTUC! Skeletor and Randor gain help.

    Hey everyone, The 4H who are responsible for the really cool MOTUC sculpts are running a Mythic Legions (ML) kickstarter. They are 6" scale some 6.5" Dwarfs are 4". There are skeleton soldiers for Skeletor to build his legion of evil warriors up with, and their are Heroic knights who may show support for King randor and He-man, along with dwarves (i.e. cousins of widgets?), Dark nights, barbarian warriors, a Bog goblin, a vampire and some figures which will be announced soon. Along with Legion builder packs, and weapons packs available. The 4H are at a toy show in Long Beach CA. This coming weekend 2/27-3/1 2015. The KS ends 3/11/2015.

    If we can, the MOTUC fans here should check out the ML KS and show some support. I am putting this post on the main MOTUC board because I think more people should check out the incredible things 4H is doing since they are responsible for many of the MOTUC sculpts we all love. I back MOTUC and I back 4H for their incredible craftsmanship!

    The Heroic knights might represent other kingdoms on eternia, joining Randor and He-man in battle while the Dark forces may be allies for skeletor. ML works with classics, and part swappability is part of the ML figures. Heads might even be swappable with MOTUC, 4H have not responded to that question yet, but I recommend everyone at least give their KS a look.

    Just search Mythic Legions on Kickstarter and it will come up.

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    I wouldn't worry too much, looks like it's going to make the goal. I am in for a few figures that I think will fit well with MOTU (which is what I already do with my 7th kingdom and gothitropolis figures).
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